Friday, August 1, 2014


Have you ever own a true friend?
Have you ever care what colour she likes?
Have you ever notice what she likes to eat or not?
Have you ever try to do her hobbies with her?
Have you ever care about her feelings?
Have you really know her?

Okay. So,

Have you ever saw a girl that in between her group of friend that smiles so bright?
Have you ever meet a girl that never in other mood because all she do is to be happy all the time?
Have you ever bumped into someone that accidently become one of your good friend?
Have you ever had that one friend that always listen to you?
Have you ever own a friend that whatever you ask her no matter what the time is she/he is there to help?
Have you ever wonder why she is so jolly?
Have you ever even frown when youre with her?
Have you ever pretend to even proud to be her friend?

And did for one second,

You ask her is she is okay?
You ask her how is her day?
You be there for her when she need a friend to talk to?
You ever really take some time to stop think about how unhappy she can gets when shes all alone?
You ever care to ask about the scars she had?
You ever wonder that for a second she hates being around people?

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