Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well Assalamualaikum. This post is personally dedicated to my friend Kong Leonie who had passed away few days ago. For me, she are not supposed to die. It is against all the rules of nature. It isn't fair. It should not happen. Unfortunately, it does happen and when it does, I am really shocked and just can't believed she's gone. My life since I was in primary school always make peer relationships more important than my family relationships. So the death of a friend * A WONDERFUL ONE * may significantly affect me in ways that parents, other friends may not understand. I am really sad and completely burst into tears when I received the sms about her loss yesterday. 

She was a bright beautiful one with good heart and always make me smile for completely no reason. Always smiling and I still remembered the day when I failed my Add Math paper, she came to me hugged me and said " Jangan macamni Amoyy. Nanti saya ajar awak okay ? Don't cry. You looked hodoh already " But now I can't even hear her voice calling me anymore. She is Kong Leonie. My faithful classmate for 2 years. She died due of Lymphoma which is a cancer of the lymphocytes, a type of cell that forms part of the immune system. Lymphoma is present as a solid tumor and for her case a tumor has been detected covering some part of her aorta which cause unefficient blood pumping to all parts of the body. She had suffer lots but yet she's staying strong, inspired people with her willing to fight the disease and after 2 years of struggling, she's gone. Yes everyone. My dear friend had died and I still feeling pain inside.

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  • Kong Leonie. An extraordinary girl who always treasure people with her smile. Inspired people with her remarkable life's journey. Thanks for all the memories and may you rest in peace strong girl ♥ Gonna miss you. Always do.

    Leo, you know how you always have those memories and always looking back to see how everything use to be? Well I look back and I see sadness. I see sadness because I have lost you as a friend. I keep thinking maybe there could have been something I could have done to prevent this but every memories even those small one with you is just hurtful. I wish I could have said goodbye. Dearest Leonie, may you rest in peace. Thanks for all the memories. I love you and I always do. 
    In memory, KONG LEONIE ( 22 April 1993-6 July 2012 )

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