Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1) For some reason I feel like we are getting way closer then we have ever been just in the past few weeks .I haven’t realized until lately how much you truly mean to me .You have helped me get through so much .Thank you .
2) I know your going to read this and know exactly who you are .Today you hurt me more then I let you know .We are close and you acted like I was completely dirt .I realize it isn’t all your fault for everything that happened but I saw a side of you that I never ever want to see again .
3) You have been so mean to me lately .When we first met I was like 'FRIEND' with you, and I was so happy we met and became close .I have realized that almost everything is about you .Somedays you nice to me and other days you act like I don’t even exist .What is your problem ? 
4) I’m hate how attached I am to you .I hate how seeing you makes me smile for 2 days straight .I hate how your smile makes me want to faint and your eyes are the greatest thing I’ve ever seen .I hate how I’m pretty sure you are the most important person to me and you don’t even care about me .I hate when I would do anything for you .But I love that i do love you .
5) Your smart and always there .You know how to make me feel better and at the same time just have a normal conversation. You have always treated me the best and your such a great friend .I love having you around .No one will probably know who this is but oh well i know . 
6) Wow I miss us .I have realized that even though we can’t get any of that back, and that things change, we can create new memories .I’m sorry that I tried to change you .People can’t change unless they really want to .It is the biggest lesson I have learned lately .You are a girl with so much potential in life and you just need to realize it .
7) You can’t act like you get me .I’m sorry .You can’t help me like you think you will .Sure I’m fine now. But when I get back it’s all going to return .And this time I really have no one to turn to .You will never see what I do inside my head, you will never get how bad I want this .It’s messed up . 
8) You are the one no matter what we go through or fight about .You mean more to me then you think .I want to be closer at all times but it almost seems impossible with you .I will always be here for you .You will do amazing in life and I am so jealous of you .
9) There are still so many things I want to say to you .The things people say are still true .You aren’t the girl that most people think you are and you deserve the credit that people pass around .I love you but you need to open your eyes and see the world .Your fine just the way you are .
10) I’m not going to write one about you, because you know who you are. I love you and if it turn worse I would take a bullet for you .You are my other half .Thank you for always being here .

I miss your hugs and how my head fit perfectly to your heart .I miss the looks you would give me and how I knew exactly what you were thinking .I miss your cute texts .I miss when you said it felt like you were in love .I miss when you would act like I was yours .I miss when we would spend time together, and when we weren’t we were texting, no doubt about it .I miss your smell, it was always my favorite .I miss your adorable freaking smile .I miss how we would fight over the silliest things .I miss your laugh in my ear and your arm around my waist .I miss knowing that there was no one in the way .I miss not having to play hard to get .I miss the rain and the things we would do .I miss every little thing about you .I wish you felt the same.
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