Friday, August 1, 2014

Some days, some silly things makes me think
About how one can put with the other. How do people live with each other?
I realized I really dont know. It just that, for me, waking up and doing the same damn thing and make it last. Its really not fun, actually.
Then, I looked at my mother and sisters. It almost 22 years of living and I should be happy.

Be grateful that a few things still remains like how it used to be.
Finally get the puzzle solved.Its true love mend people to be together. Always and forever.

There is a problem actually. Between the past and the presence. I care less. I dont sometimes. I overdo most all the time. I dont know when or where did this started. I care even for a small “hi” from a stranger or on how small smile can makes my day brighter. But that was then.

Theres always a reason why aite? *Wideningsmile

I am ugly. All the ugly part. With the intention to feel better, be better. I am strong and thats how I want people to look at me as. Sometimes, I forget that I am a human. Standing higher than you. Strong enough maybe. May forgive but never forget. Complicated mind.

I know sometimes its not you that would love to know where I am standing now or how good my life would be. Maybe better than you? Or you do think I didnt deserve a better life than you? Sigh. This is going to be endless.

For the people who had worst, I am sorry. Truly. But as for me this is what destroy me and build me up better. So a shout out for you people who suffer, if I can so do you. I dont say it gonna be easy but it will be worth more than you can imagine. Be better than I am. Be you.

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