Friday, August 15, 2014


Nurul Adha binti Muhammad Razif. One of the coolest person alive that I've met in UPM. Not so tall girl with a sweet smile and amazing education history. Softball is her passion and gonna be a great batter soon. Jyeah. She owns a big heart and really love to help people even it is not necessary at all. Gonna be a great doctor soon and helping people is most probably her middle name. Haha

"Through the thick and thin" is the mark. She used to say that almost everyday when I was in the darkest hours of my life. Stood up in almost everything for me and be the first to catch me whenever I'm falling. A good listener with amazing support and yes indeed the best of friend.

Looking back to the past, it was indeed amazing to get to know a person who greet the first hello and now hey I'm you best friend. People nowadays are willingly to do anything to keep the friendship remains and for me it is not about trying to keep things anymore but it's more to fighting to what we think important in our life. Same goes to all the failure that we've face along the journey, the depression the ups the downs the love stories the crush the greatest escape the shopping tale and every little things that paint each respective days.

For me, treasuring the people that are willing to put our past behind and accepting us in the present and still keep reminding us about how we are supposed to be happy in everything that we do is indeed necessary. This is because those kind didn't come in quantity. When we feel we are comfortable and we lead a good life whenever they are around, and even about worst we can still count on them, yes you are lucky enough to have that kind of friend. This thing may complicate and create bad stories but it doesn't give much if they are truly pure of heart and cherish the friendship as much as you do.

I'm glad I don't have much in quantity but the quality are definitely priceless. Still hoping nothing will ever change and the moments stay like how it used to be. I can't forget the fun we've had and laughing till our faces turn blue. Talking of things only we find funny.

In short, I guess this is my way of saying thanks for catching me when I fall, adha. Thanks once again for being such a good partner and being here with me through it all.

Friends forever. 

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