Sunday, March 30, 2014


The title above symbolize what I am doing currently in UPM. And sometimes, it doubt me so much. Sigh.
I'm currently in year 2, I think I am giving too much away my grades for vet med so far and well it is just too hectic sometimes. But no doubt in how much I love the animals. No matter how furry or bold or skinny or pulm or fierce or slow they are. 

However the last few weeks I've been having serious doubts about doing vet med at uni with further reinforced by the is vet med really worth it? I've grown up with cards of animals, always loved them, and this is the career I've always wanted to take. Suddenly I'm having doubts, and I'm not really sure why and there are some of my family members and friends aren't that supportive and don't think being a vet is all its cracked up to be which doesn't help. At all.

But what I am sure off is I just can't see myself doing anything else. Not sure what this thread will achieve, just needed to get that off my chest and wondered if anyone else has experienced this. Well I've always had the idea of being a vet since I was young, but I never did much about it until college, where I joined the pre-vet society and helping my mum's friend at her vet clinic. It was fun. Then when I enter the course, I am pretty sure it is not a smooth subject as I started to questioned my ability in the future. My driving force had been the urge to really do something for nature/environment and community at large and I had felt that I could make a difference with veterinary medicine. But the more I look into vet school, the less I feel like what I'd be doing would affect the world. 

My dream is so big but me myself couldn't stand straight on my own. But I realize there is no need in doubting myself so much. Allah has given me the path and my job is just live in that moment and become a good veterinary doctor. Doubts are such a pain in the ass but it do make we think and reschedule our direction. In case if we forget, what is our intention in the first place. Cheers. 

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