Monday, November 28, 2011


hmm *sigh
finally alas
guess what ?
I am alone again
its okay 
its all my fault
never treated 
the people who care about me
with the best they should received
often I blamed myself
bur its less painful now
maybe its the best time
to let them lead their life
and in correct term
lead their happier life without me
seems its hard
I try to pretend stronger 
than I am
YEAH maybe I should too
there no use of crying
at this moment 
there are many many things
that terrified me
the best I can asked 
just for me to have any tiny reason
to keep smiling
and feel that
this is not the end of the world
finally its time to accept
that I don't belong 
whatever it is
I wish I can hold on
I wish I can fight 
I wish I can stand 
with the only love I had
which is the love for myself
people out there can judge anything
but they didn't even know my story
to anyone who related to
please lead your life
to a brand new level
which will make your life happier
you deserve better
I'm just completely the jerk one
and now I had received the pay
thank you so much
I've learned the lessons
I admit that I am the loser
you will be okay soon
take care to the max
full of regards and blessings