Sunday, April 10, 2011

nineth april two zero one one .a great day because i am going out from my house ,its a plan from my dearest sisters to celebrate my upcoming BIRTHDAY which will arrive very very soon ,meeting my naughty niece nephew ,got my first three birthday presents and finally experienced wonderful moment with my loves eating ,snapping and shopping __ its also a bad day because im hurt with my important's taught over me ,traffic jamss and suddenly feels exhausted earlier than i should .ERR - THATS REALLY NOT GOOD BUT GOOD ENOUGH TO RUIN MY DAY .exactly not exciting .yesterday i also felt alergic with some lyrics in lagu TERINGIN sang by Shima .

its hurt reading about you in other's chapter of life .its lonely when i was not the one you said about .its pain when you dont take REALLY note about what im saying .its disaster when what im doing look like gonna be end cause of DISASTIFACTION of your mountain's hope FULLSTOP