Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My friend and i were at home alone when we heard a knock on the door. I looked to see who it was and we both didnt recongnize the two people. they were dressed in business suits. I got scared and turned off the T.V. we sat there waiting for them to leave, but they didnt. we went to my room and hid in my closet, we knew something wasnt right about them, we waited until finally we heard the door bust in. I dialed 911 i was talking to them telling them my address when the men heard me talking and followed the sound of my voice. When they opened my closet my friend and i froze. I freaked out and told them to take what they wanted and begged them not to hard us. my friend was freaking out and screaming at them to get out. they told her to shut up but she wouldnt so they tied us both up to chairs and ducktaped our mouths. we stayed quiet until they came back to the room and told us they would let us go if we would keep our mouths shut. i swore i would and my friend did to. when they let us go my friend ran to the wooden board i had in my room, she started to swing and all we heard were gun shots. i got to the ground and took cover, my friend kept swinging, then she dropped to the ground. the men ran out and i played dead until i knew they were gone. i got up crying i yelled for my friend but she wouldn't get up, she was covered in blood. I knew she was dead but i didnt want to beleive it. I called the police. she started to breath but just barely, I hoped that by the time the police and ambulance got their they could still save her. I heard them arrive 6 minutes later but it was to late :( i still think to this day that if i hadnt had invited her over that day, that she would still be alive.


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