Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i am really sick .i am crying .who cares rite ? everybody hate me .my mother ,my father ,my sister ,my friends ,my clothes ,everything and everyone .they are just too good for me .every step and every word i say seems just wrong for them .it just to hard for me to face it alone .oh god ,please help me .irritating ,disobedient ,mad ,unfilial daughter ,bullshit ,stupid and useless .ahh .thats me ? so bad i am rite ? haa .yes you do aishah .you destroy other people life .you sell fish every single day .you never care about anyone at all .you are so rude and never understand people who want to understand you .thats me .so what .i want to run from everyone .let my soul accompanied me for the rest of my life .i know its really hurt to be alone but it just good for a person like me to live with .

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