Saturday, December 11, 2010


no doubt .i always searching for my MR RIGHT .a guy who owns my favourite name .a head full of hair .a foot taller than myself .he also needs to be fit and healthy with a trim body as proof .he must also be very successful in his career .a salary with 6 figures per month undeniably brings him three steps forward to becoming my MR RIGHT .he also has to b a man who walks with confidence in his graceful stride .he must also shower me with luxuries every other day .roses ,chocolates ,high heels and basically his credit cards .private jets and helicopters of course .a little trip off to the Carribean during weekends and Paris every few months should not b a problem .he also must share every detail of his life with me .communication .extremely vital .but that MR RIGHT is just not my perfect future husband .just now was the evil part of me .

i do not care what my MR RIGHT's name is .i do not care if his abs are rock hard .as long as he can save me from lizards and spiders ,he is the most powerful man on earth to me .my heart's desire is to have his heart and soul .i may resort to murder if he is around me all the time .he will love me even i do not have slim cut ,cannot cook to save a life or my dressings is not up to date .he will show me how much he loves me by the look in his eyes and how he kisses me even while i am scolding him .with all above ,it just melt my heart .unfortunately ,i have never meet my MR RIGHT yet .but i always whispered to my heart every single day that ,

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