Friday, December 10, 2010


hey hey .new blogger here .name .NUR AISHAH BINTI ABDULLAH .echa for short .born in a happy morning of april 15 1993 .seventeen on this remarkable 2010 .SIGSIAN .outlook are fine i guess so , white ,really small eyes ,5/3 inches an above ,tall rite ? HAHA .i am fat and fat and fat .do BELIEVE me .HATE hipocrisy .selfish .liar .lizards .homeworks .grey .traffic jam .people shouting at me .ADDICTED to games .blue .surprises .sunset .so you think you can dance .texting .love novels .poems .a big fan of BRUNO MARS songs .i am just ordinary ,simple and of course FULL OF HEART .

btw ,ini post saya yg PERTAMA .yeah .act nk share kegembiraan sbb da brjaye habeskn paper .selamat tinggal sijil pelajaran malaysia .akhirnya habes jugaa .HIP HIP HURRAY .hahaa .sebenarnya kan .sayaa buat blog ni sajaa suke suke .isi mase yg sgt sgt laa lapang .bg sokongan tau . THANKS <3

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