Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I feel sorry for you, I truly do .

Your life is consumed with hatred ,
and you don’t know what to do.

I can picture you laughing to yourself,
thinking you got the upper hand .

when in reality, you don’t even understand .
I made my choice , 
because of your so called loyalty to me .

than you go around telling others ,
about your side not letting them see .

‘Is that really fair’? I ask myself .
Then I realize that I am talking about you.
So in your mind, you believe it is my punishment .
well that is a sad case on your part ,
because days are getting few .

I can see so clearly how you cried , lied .
making me believe that ,
I would never lose them no matter what happens with us .

I know that I have tried ,
and it just goes to show me not to trust .
We once had a good relationship ,
but we both changed .
I never looked at it differently until recently ,
because you have become so deranged .
Never thought I would say those words to you ,
but you made me so confused .
I was once so true to you , so true !
and the loyalty I had was strong , 
although being misused .

I carry the traits of a strong human being , 
having that love, loyalty , respect ,

but Only to those who earn it .
respect is something you give ,
to someone who gives it back to you ,

and loyalty is a trait ,
that one should have for their immediate .

So although you you have the upper hand ,
you truly Need to understand .
that no matter how much you think I am this bad person .
you don’t know anything about me ,
and that it is your choice to keep your distance .
but the reasons why ?
Questions that I know will never get answered ,

because you’re notorious for running to hide .
All of my past , is exactly what it is , my past .
But all I ever wanted was loyalty and compassion ,
something that would last .
I guess I was just asking for too much from you .
you could never be there for me .
that’s why I had to do what I had to do ,
so that I could move on and be me .

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